Spanish for Teachers

What makes a good learning experience? Many people often ponder over issues related to education and the best ways to SchoolApply convey knowledge. From the standpoint of an educator or a learner, one could say that it is not always so easy to know what methods work best in the classroom. Teachers are facing great

Online Resources for Spanish Learners

Learning a new language can be difficult and tricky if you don’t have access to good quality lessons and a structured system. Luckily, the Internet is full of websites that are useful, sometimes free, and lets you preview some lessons before you actually buy the whole package. In any case, a good start on a

Taking Your Language Skills To the Next Level

Learning a second language has numerous benefits, both on a conscious and subconscious level, because it enriches one’s vocabulary, unlocks parts of the brain which are rarely used and offers one a broader perspective of things, through the prism of multiple views. Those who wish to learn a second language, or even a third on,

Reference/Education: Just Where In the World is Spanish Spoken?

The Spanish Empire has been one of the wealthiest, largest and most known empires in the history of the world. It was at the height of its powers during the 16th and 17th century, and in the 18th century it became the largest empire found on the face of the Earth. It spread onto five

4 reasons learning a second language is a good idea

According to recent research, the most distressing situation is when you cannot understand a language. It happens to students very frequently when they are studying abroad. It becomes challenging to survive without knowing the language. Hence, it is essential to learn the local language wherever you are living. The local language becomes a second language

Some Advantages of learing Spanish

What’s your reason for learning a foreign language? Certainly moving to a different country and learning the local language will help you settle in faster with the community. Learning ‘their’ language will show your commitment to your new country and its people. Learning a foreign language like Spanish is going to be enormously useful to

Top 5 Universities for Hispanic Studies

You might have a Hispanic background you would like to explore better or just be inspired by the rich literature and arts that Hispanic culture has to offer. In this case, Hispanic Studies can be very interesting for you. However, even though there are a lot of schools that offer an education in Hispanic Studies,

Top Tips for Learning a Language

1. Talk, talk, talk. If there is any ‘secret’ or tip for learning a language it’s that you need to talk as much as possible. Reading and listening might be useful, but there really is no better way to improve your fluency by speaking! 2. Studying a language as intensively as possible is the best

Presentation, Practice and Production

It’s a method that language teachers have used for several years but it’s also great to know how it works as a student. Knowing it not only helps you understand what is expected of you at each stage in the language learning process but also helps you with your self study plans. And what is

The Advantages of Learning a Second Language

Learning a second language is not only a great experience but it has many advantages that can improve your life, and the implications may be much greater than you think! The first and most obvious benefit of speaking a foreign language is being able to communicate with people when you visit another country. This not