4 reasons learning a second language is a good idea

According to recent research, the most distressing situation is when you cannot understand a language. It happens to students very frequently when they are studying abroad. It becomes challenging to survive without knowing the language. Hence, it is essential to learn the local language wherever you are living. The local language becomes a second language for students when living and studying abroad. But this language skill helps in employment after finishing their studies. Knowledge of a second language also improves the employability of the person. You are no longer limited to your home country.

shutterstock_202042975Benefits of learning a second language for students

(1) Improve employability – Knowing a second language improves the employability of an individual by almost 40% as per The Economist. (2) Helps to understand the culture – Language is directly related to culture and learning the native language helps to understand the culture better. (3) Makes travelling fun – Knowledge of the local language makes it real fun to visit the place. As a student, it also helps in getting around. (4) Helps you choose the right school – For students, it is very crucial to learn the language. You can Compare schools at SchoolApply.com and get additional feedback on which school to choose and what languages you will need to learn.

Learning a language boosts the brain

Another interesting benefit of learning a new language is that it gives a boost to your brain. A study at the University of Toronto found that students studying foreign languages fared better than classmates, in all academic areas, who knew just one language. Another study at the University College of London, on a controlled group, found that learning a language helps to increase grey matter in our brain. This is the thing which processes information. Your brain is a muscle, if you exercise your body you build muscle just like if you exercise your brain you will also build muscle. Learning a new language makes you smarter. Isn’t that great?