Online Resources for Spanish Learners

Learning a new language can be difficult and tricky if you don’t have access to good quality lessons and a structured system. Luckily, the Internet is full of websites that are useful, sometimes free, and lets you preview some lessons before you actually buy the whole package. In any case, a good start on a good learning platform will significantly increase the speed and quality of speaking Spanish.

These resources can be divided into different categories like: podcasts, audio lessons, video lessons.


They are available at any time using your mobile phone. The material quality is fairly good, easy to access and perfect for learning the basic structure with minimal working in Spanish language.

Spanish Pos 101 is an innovative platform, free to sign up and get accustomed to the basic Spanish language. It also offers advanced lessons in exchange of a fee, but it is worth all the money.

Coffee Break Spanish offers daily popular podcasts. Each one has a few minutes and aims to teach language skills for certain situations.

Audio Lessons

These can be found on the app store of your mobile device and usually should be downloaded into your smartphone’s memory.

123 Teach Me Spanish contains hundreds of well structure lessons. They offer a great start in Spanish.

FSI Basic Spanish focuses on dialect used in the Latin America. It has been developed by the US government together with a well-known Spanish Institute.

Video Lessons

They are usually available on Youtube channels, presented by professional Spanish instructors.

Spanish Dict is one of the most popular channels. The videos are of high quality and are presented in an energetic style, which engages its viewers.

Professor Jason Spanish is followed by almost 5 million viewers, who are thrilled by the huge variety of topics covered in these classes.