Reference/Education: Just Where In the World is Spanish Spoken?

The Spanish Empire has been one of the wealthiest, largest and most known empires in the history of the world. It was at the height of its powers during the 16th and 17th century, and in the 18th century it became the largest empire found on the face of the Earth. It spread onto five continents, which brought on the expression “the empire upon which the sun doesn’t set.” This rich history has left its traces in current Spanilibrarysh speaking countries, which have been part of the big colony this great Empire had: more than half of Latin American countries speak Spanish, having been conquered after the discovery of the New Continent by Columbus.

Nowadays, Spanish is spoken as an official language in Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador and Equatorial Guinea, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Philippines and Argentina.

All these countries have been at one point or another a destination of the expeditions set during the age of Discovery, with the voyages made by the Conquistadores, “the conquerors”. This constituted the territorial expansion of the Spanish monarchy. Only by taking a look on the map, and seeing that these countries are spread upon five continents, encourages anyone to learn the basics of Spanish language, both for pleasure, but also for the importance of getting a real visitor experience, away from the maddening crowd of mass tourism.

Only by taking a brief look at its rich history makes you want to dive into the Spanish language. The page is dedicated to Hispanic culture and language. The attractive and engaging articles will convince anyone of the benefits of learning even just the basics of Spanish. There are endless opportunities that can open up the world to anyone interested in learning this poetical language.