Some Advantages of learing Spanish

What’s your reason for learning a foreign language? Certainly moving to a different country and learning the local language will help you settle in faster with the community. Learning ‘their’ language will show your commitment to your new country and its people. Learning a foreign language like Spanish is going to be enormously useful to you if you travel a lot. It will also look good on your CV as it allows you to conduct business with people in their own language. The advantages of learning Spanish is that it is so widely spoken – in fact in 21 countries – that you will almost always find a way to use it!

It’s Spreading throughout the World

It is mind-boggling to know that there are as many as 41 million native Spanish speakers in the United States and that another 11.6 million are bilingual, that is, speak both English as well as Spanish. Of all the foreign languages to learn to speak, why make it Spanish? The Index of Human Development has put Spanish as the 2nd most important language on earth. English first, Spanish second and Mandarin third. Also, did you know that Spanish is the 3rd most widely used language on the Internet and the 2nd most used language on Twitter?

shutterstock_361498367Learn Spanish – its in Your Best Interests

It seems like knowing Spanish will mean that not many people will be able to talk about you without you knowing what they’re saying. Learning a language like Spanish is certainly going to make your life richer . Imagine dining with Spanish clients over a delicious Paella with chilled dry rosé, being able to speak their language and perhaps clinching a business deal after an hour or two. Perhaps you just like the sound of Spanish being spoken. If you don’t want to learn Spanish in a classroom setting, don’t let that deter you. Learn conversational Spanish through online audio lessons – you’ll become just that much more approachable.