The Advantages of Learning a Second Language

Learning a second language is not only a great experience but it has many advantages that can improve your life, and the implications may be much greater than you think!

The first and most obvious benefit of speaking a foreign language is being able to communicate with people when you visit another country. This not only makes your trip easier but can also make it more fun and rewarding. Knowing a language can give you a true insight into a different culture in a way that wouldn’t be otherwise possible.

Many studies have shown that people who speak a second language are more intelligent. This is largely due to the fact that speaking more than your native language accesses a different part of the brain. There is some discussion between linguists and scientists about how this actually works. Some believe the process work in an L formation, and that information goes from the route source through your native language and then onto your second. Others argue from th23832631014_1b18d821bb_be source that each language splits into its own pathway. Either way, it will improve your intelligence.

Living in an ever globalized world, speaking a second language can greatly improve your chances of getting a better, and more highly paid, job. In recent years, there has been a steep increase in the demand for translators, interpreters and account managers and directors who speak several languages. Learn a second language and watch your pay packet soar!

It’s not only when a language is directly required that it is likely to be beneficial. Even if the role doesn’t require it, employers are much more interested in those who can speak another language. Prospective employers see this skill as a representation of intellect, cultural awareness, determination and hard work. It’s also valuable in case the company decided to expand internationally.