Top 5 Universities for Hispanic Studies

studiesYou might have a Hispanic background you would like to explore better or just be inspired by the rich literature and arts that Hispanic culture has to offer. In this case, Hispanic Studies can be very interesting for you. However, even though there are a lot of schools that offer an education in Hispanic Studies, not all of them provide the best quality. And to make sure your degree will be valued it is important to make a good choice about at which University you would like to study. To help you a little bit we will list the top 5 Universities for Hispanic Studies.

SchoolApply – a great tool to help you choose

Those who have decided to go to University already know: there are a lot of options out there and it is not easy to decide between them. Because choosing between Universities not only depends what you want to study, but also on your location and your budget. Luckily there is a great website that can help you with making that choice: It filters your options on the following criteria: Discipline, location and Tuition Fee, and courses available. Using this tool you might discover an option with great benefits, either close or far away, that you had never thought of before. Studying overseas can have a great benefit on your life and career prospects, this is especially true when you are seeking to study another culture.

Which Universities Are the Best for YOU?

Now let´s filter on quality. For this, we used a list of the 50 best Universities for Hispanic studies. The highest ranked University to study Hispanic studies is the University of California- Santa Cruz. Close to the cost it offers a great network. San Diego State University is also a very good option, famous for its research. Third next to the Box Springs Mountain comes University of California- Riverside. Whittier College, a private institution, comes fourth. And last but not least we find St. Edward´s University, a private institution in Texas, listed in fifth place. According to, these are the top programs, in terms of quality education, for studying Hispanic studies. Jump online yourself and add in your own parameters to find the perfect university for you.